Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Genius is eternal patience" - Michelangelo

Please keep and eye on - A 'silver lining' look at current and past events.

After many years of "one day I want to start a newspaper that focuses on the good news, stuff that really matters," my fiancee Alaina finally started the Great Times-News, a newspaper devoted to looking at the good in past, present, and sometimes even future.  Without asking she has put her entire project on hold, in order to help with my campaign trying to convince Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to cover a much improved version of a surgery I need for my spine.  (But that is another story..)
Thank you Alaina - You continue to surprise and amaze me everyday.  So with all that in mind please be patient and keep an eye on and - Good things are in works -- Cheers! AG

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